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Semantic Gmail

Gmail’s HTML sucks. It really sucks. Don’t believe me? So instead of just whining about it, I decided to rewrite Gmail in semantic, clean HTML: Why did I do this? To challenge myself. To prove it could be done. To show people what clean, semantic markup looks like for a complicated app like Gmail. [...]

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Optimizing openSpaceBook

A few days ago I gave a presentation at San Jose State University on how to speed up your website’s frontend performance, which, according to many, is responsible for 80-90% of a page’s load time. Rather than throw up a bunch of slides and blab on about expires headers, gzipping and concatenating, I created an [...]

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Want some real-world web development experience?

So in some of my previous posts about becoming/being a web developer, I say you should write code, lots of code. I also think the more varied real-world experience you get, the better developer you’d be. So how can you get more real-world experience when you are a student or have a full-time job? Easy, [...]

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