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Phew, just started up CrossFit again after taking a long hiatus due to a few months of physical ailments. Anyway, I’m back and my first workout was only 1/2 of a normal workout: 800m row 3 sets of: 10 sit-ups 10 stretches holding a pole from waist over the head to back with both hands [...]

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24 Hours of Lemons: Success!

After many months of hard work team BVD Skidmark completed its first 24 Hours of Lemons race! It was two awesome days of driving with few mechanical problems and lots of fun. I have to say I’ve never felt so proud of something (especially my team, everyone put a lot of effort and made it [...]

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Why I’m excited about Personas

Now in Belorussian, thanks to P.C.. I’ve been working on Personas for Firefox for almost a year now and only in the past few months have I started to understand the impact and possibilities surrounding them. Previous to Personas the only way to customize Firefox was via an add-on or theme. While this resulted in [...]

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