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Why Cesium Failed

I’ve wanted to write this for a while but mainly pride stopped me. I think now I can handle admitting my failures. So here’s a big one! Note: the following opinions are mine alone and do not in any way reflect my former employer Mozilla. A few of you may remember my project ‘Cesium’ that [...]

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A new graduate’s dilemma

Yesterday I found this email in my inbox from a soon-to-be graduate named Chris: ok i will be graduating with a degree in MIS this spring. many companies what software or web developers who know multiple languages like (HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, VBscript) i heard it takes 10 years to become master in something. I [...]

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Tough Mudder!

This Saturday I’m participating in Tough Mudder, the toughest one-day endurance event on the planet (according to the website). I’ll be braving water, tunnels, mud, fire and a glacier (really). It’s a 7 mile event that takes 2-3 hours, so it should be exhausting. Glad I’ve been working out!

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