Ten in 2010

I don’t normally do these kinds of posts, but I feel like I need a change and this would be a good start.

Well, it’s 2010. Holy crap. As usual, our predictions for the future are usually far off the mark.

A few goals for 2010:

  • Exercise I can tell my metabolism is slowing. I’m 26 now, gotta start putting effort into staying in shape. Parts of me are starting to crack and hurt even though I don’t do anything all day.
  • Expand hobbies Work (while pretty awesome with lots of great co-workers), has definitely taken up much of my time. I need to push harder for things I like to do other than work. Ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, driving, books, writing, photography, etc.
  • Move up professionally I think I’ve gotten wrapped up in whatever project I’m working on at work and forgotten about long-term goals. I need to balance projects with personal work goals.
  • Spend more time daydreaming/relaxing This is a big one. I believe unstructured time is best for coming up with new ideas and solving problems. Simply taking 1/2 hour to and hour a day to stare out a window or let my mind wander would allow me to come up with new ideas and solve current problems in my life. I definitely spend too much time consuming media (TV, computer, podcasts, etc).

That’s all I have for now. Seems like not too many, but a few could be expanded upon into lots of time and/or projects.

Happy new year!