Hello my name is on Pradipta’s Rolodex

Thursday night one tired recruiter named ‘Pradipta Archiputra’ emailed 416 people asking them this:

I have a couple of Ruby on Rails position, wanted to know if you are interested?

Unfortunately he forgot to BCC everyone and CC’d them instead.

This is how our story begins…

Instantly my inbox began to fill with messages like this:

I opened my email client and began reading this thread. Next thing I
know I blacked out, woke up, my pants were unbuttoned and my eye brows
were shaved. What the hell is going on here..?


Anyone else going to OSCON?

I’m looking for a husband.

Surprisingly, only a few people of the 416 asked to be removed. Soon the email chain turned friendly and people began introducing themselves. Some decided to meetup at OSCON. Others took turns describing what they had for lunch.

Less than 24 hours later the fateful 416 recipients had:

This has to be one of the funniest things that’s happened to me accidentally in a while. 416 people are now inextricably connected due to one person’s mistake. There’s close to 300 emails now and still going strong.

I can now say I’m a proud member of the Pradipta 416.

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