Maintaining Brand through RSS Readers?

Here’s something that I’ve been pondering today:

RSS reader use is on the rise and a blog’s design has become an extension of the blogger’s ‘brand’. But RSS readers show every feed the same. Same font, colors, layout, everything.

So how can bloggers maintain their brand inside an RSS reader?

Here are my ideas:

  • Add a small header/logo image into every post
  • Use semantic markup so your headers, lists, etc will at least make it through
  • Send RSS readers different content with inline CSS?
  • Send RSS readers an extra, small module that links to other posts or sites?

I’m having trouble thinking up more ways to do this. I think injecting extra content for RSS readers or adding different modules would be neat. You could ‘simulate’ visiting your website by supplying design and content in the RSS reader.

Anyone have any other ideas?